There’s no point looking great in your new glasses, if you cant see properly.

There are different lens coatings and finishes, its important you choose the right one for you. Here’s our guide.


These are just your ordinary plastic lenses. If you are just using your glasses for reading or watching tv around the house, these should be fine. You will get some reflections on them and they can be scratched, so look after them.


Scratch Resistant + Anti Glare

The scratch resistant finish doesn’t change the look or vision through the lens, it just makes it harder, and therefore less likely to scratch. The anti glare finish reduces reflections on the surface of the lens. This is important if you use your glasses when talking to people, as otherwise they may just end up looking at their face in your lenses, rather than your eyes.


These are lenses that go light and dark in the sun. They are available in two colors, either brown or black. If your frame is coloured or black, best to go with a black lens, if the frame is a brown shade, a brown lens looks nicer.