Glasses Size Guide

There is no point getting new glasses unless they fit you well.

We have labelled all of our glasses into three simple categories: Small , Medium or Large.


The best way to work out what size you are is to simply look at the glasses you have now. On the inside of the arm, you will see some numbers, they are often in the form of two numbers with a square in the middle. For example in the picture below we can see the size of these glasses is 55 : 18.



The 55 we call the “Eye Size”, and the 18 is the “bridge size”. The 145 is the length of the arms.



For men a handy guide is collar size. Its not an exact science, but an estimate.

Less than 15inch collar? Get small.

15-17 Inches? get Medium

17+ inches Go Large.


What if you order the wrong size? Simply contact us, then return the item and we will send out the correct size.